About The Movie


Concept Note

This film documents the last days of Adolf Hitler in his underground bunker. His relationship with his close associates, those he loved, those who betrayed him and those who stayed by his side till the end is shown. Germany’s final days of war is chronicled as Hitler loses the war. His death and the death of his close supporters are presented. The Indian connections of Germany and Hitler are told through Gandhi’s beliefs and the Azad hind fauj who fought for the German army.

As the last days come to a close Hitler’s Mistress Eva Braun joins him. A strong character is Dr. Goebbels who is the information and propaganda minister who keeps encouraging Hitler till his last breath. As the war draws to a close the bunker is filled with debauchery as if in celebration of death.

Close and high ranking officers of the German army betray Hitler as they negotiate for peace with the allied powers.

Hitler refuses to leave Berlin for a safer place. He shoots himself rather than surrender. He marries Eva the day before his death and she commits suicide together with him.

History is witness of the facts & the film reminds the outcome of the same. Throughout the film is beautifully portrayed the difference of ideology between two contemporary leaders, Hitler & Gandhi during World War II. The consequence of Hitler’s method of violence is his country’s defeat & his own demise whereas Gandhi’s method of non-violence paved the way for India’s freedom. This film establishes the superiority of Gandhism over Nazism, thereby giving the message of world’s peace to the entire mankind, still relevant in today’s context where the whole world is grappled with the clouds of terrorism..